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All I’ve learned about papaya.

“Papaya enzymes help people lose weight. The seeds are edible. If you’re going to eat papaya, you have to have a lime nearby.” – From the video below

“Examine the end where the stalk was. The papaya will ripen well if there is a yellow ring but if the ring is green, it won’t ripen. Buy a papaya when it is half green and half yellow. Papaya will ripen faster when placed in a brown bag with a banana or apple. A ripe papaya should be soft and retain slight indentations. A ripe papaya will smell faintly sweet.” – From the video below

“They will turn a little bit orange. If when squeezed, the papaya has a little bit of give, then they are ready to cut. A little mold on the outside likely won’t matter. There are many varieties. Some are yellow on the inside, others will be like orange, and others will be dark orange. Buy papaya direct from Miami, and it is likely grown in Florida, and the Florida ones are spray-free”. – From the video below

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