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Romaine Salad With Chopped Bananas In Bowl.

Bananas in salad? Yes!

  • April 14, 2018

Remove the barrier, the wall, the moat between sweet and savory! I add fruit to many traditionally savory items. Here, I added bananas to my salad. Tiny bits of fresh, moist dates would also 'spice' things up.

Big Portion Of Jackfruit, Held In Hand

Delicious, aromatic jackfruit

  • April 13, 2018

Bought six pounds of jackfruit a few days ago. Here's half of that. I've been eating it nonstop. The sweet, candy smell fills my kitchen. I placed half on counter, half in fridge. One morning I mixed with soaked cashews…

Eating pineapple from the rind

  • March 24, 2018

I have always tried to save money by buying the 'core' of the pineapple since I don't need pineapple cubes (cut fruit). The other day I found an even more economical, and surprisingly useful, approach where only the center was…

A Ripe Pear? Press The Top To Check For Softness.

Is the pear ripe? Check top for softness

  • November 19, 2017

Pears ripen after they come off the tree. Press the top of the pear to see if it indents slightly; check for softness. Don't wait until the wide part of the pear is ripe, because then the middle (and top)…

Heirloom Apples - Credit Seattle Parks Flickr

So many varieties of heirloom apples

  • November 10, 2017

Since it's apple (and pear) season, now's the time to try heirloom apple varieties. Like an heirloom watch, an heirloom apple is just as good as it was decades, if not centuries, ago. The most popular apples, such as red…

Blue/purple Grapes In Cardboard Baskets.

Concord grapes at a farmers’ market

  • October 14, 2017

Loved these concord grapes (with seeds) at a local farmer's market. During my processed-food youth, I really only new grapes as being the ingredient for grape juice. I never actually tasted concord grapes. So whether this was the first time…

Star-krimson Pears! In Season! Photo Of A Whole Pear Beside Slices Of Pears On A Wooden Cutting Board, Atop A Dark Table

Star-krimson (red) pears in season!

  • October 8, 2017

Finally, it's red pear season. This red pear is called star-krimson, and, to me, it's the most delicious pear. Nothing is better than find a ripe starkrimson at Whole Foods market and eating it at the store. I take unripe…

Line/queue Of People Standing Outside Porta-potty - "Do Your Part To Reduce Bathroom Lines. Eat Fruit And Go Faster."

Help reduce bathroom lines.

  • September 28, 2017

Fruit has fiber, and fiber helps your body form and pass poop. Fiber does not give you nutrients as it passes through your digestive system, but this tough, indigestible material helps other food move along. Fiber contributes to healthy digestion…

Two Men With Wheelbarrow Full Of Pomegranates And They Are Standing In Front Of A Tree.

Picking pomegranates in the backyard

  • September 14, 2017

Pomegranates cost $3 or more on the East Coast. They're a lot cheaper if you have you're own pomegranate tree. You'll have so many you'll be giving them away. View more memes and photos.

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