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Fruit as water source for primates. They don’t have cups! Fruit trees are water wells.

Two bonobos eating a melonI think some primates rely on fruit for their water! I mean they don’t have cups and using their hands is quite inefficient. They can’t politely bend down to drink water from a lake. So they get the water from the trees!

It now makes sense that fruit is 90% water since many primates rely on fruit for their water.

A watermelon is a huge thermos of water! Plus sugar. It’s sugar water that’s amazing for us!

The fruit plants and trees use their roots to collect the water and move it to the fruit. All so that we eat the fruit? Huge job moving water from 20 feet below ground, then create a container and place it on their tree branches.

Fruit trees and fruit plants are our wells! Of course, assuming there is water.

The fruits catch all that rain for us! Ingenious!

No need for a rain barrel if one has a fruit trees and plants.

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