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Lawyer adopts frugivore diet, moves to Thailand, now gets all water from fruit

Woman kneeling beside display of jackfruit at market A corporate lawyer living in London switched to a frugivore (all fruit) diet, then moved to Thailand for the tropical, high-water-content fruit. She never drinks water, instead getting ‘living water’ from fruit, and she fasts regularly. See this article in Daily Mail by Harriet Johnston.

Alice initially attended a 10-day meditation retreat that served only vegan food. She then explored a frugivore diet on YouTube. Now in Thailand, her diet is 95 per cent fruit.

She does not drink water. Instead, she hydrates with high-water-content fruit such as, “mangoes, watermelons, papaya, oranges, tangerines and mandarins.

Alice says, “The body only wants and only recognises living water. Water from fruits, veggies and coconuts. This is what hydrates the body at a cellular level, not plain water, which merely acts as a solvent, flushing through the body but not hydrating the cells.”

Alice says that getting water from fruit “encourages the kidneys to filter the body’s lymphatic system.” She adds, “This whole concept that urine should be clear, otherwise you’re dehydrated is a complete fallacy. All clear urine means is that the kidneys aren’t filtering, which means a stagnant lymphatic system, which is the root cause of all disease.”

I know that if I have a cold, the best means to decongest my sinuses is to eat fruit. The water in the fruit seems to penetrate the cells in my sinuses better than water.

Read the enlightening article about Alice and view many photos from Thailand.

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