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Eating pineapple from the rind

I have always tried to save money by buying the ‘core’ of the pineapple since I don’t need pineapple cubes (cut fruit). The other day I found an even more economical, and surprisingly useful, approach where only the center was removed and the rind or exterior was left on. The rind served as the handle for each piece, like the crust of a pizza, and I ate right into the rind.

In the photo, see the eaten slices on the right and the remaining two pieces on the left.

When cutting a pineapple at home, some of the fruit is usually lost as I try to remove the rind and all the brown dots that slightly indent into the fruit. As I have now learned, when the rind is left on, I can bite out all the fruit from the rind, leaving little wasted.

This pineapple, that I bought at a Giant grocery store (chain), was perfectly ripe and delicious, providing that perfect energy and refreshment I love from eating fruit.

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