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Star-krimson (red) pears in season!

Star-krimson pears! In season! Photo of a whole pear beside slices of pears on a wooden cutting board, atop a dark table

Finally, it’s red pear season. This red pear is called star-krimson, and, to me, it’s the most delicious pear. Nothing is better than find a ripe starkrimson at Whole Foods market and eating it at the store. I take unripe ones home and wait for them to ripen.

Most pears, when ripe, are softer than apples, making them easier to eat and munch down. The star-krimson pear is ripe when soft near the stem. This means the center of the bottom part is ripe. If you wait until the outside of the widest part is ripe, the core/center will be too soft.

Check if a starkrimson is ripe by gently pressing your thumb at the top for a slight softness. Now, if you’re at the store, and you press your thumb on a pear, and it’s ripe, you have to take that pear, because it now has an indent! I don’t want to see your thumb impression on my red pear!

Slice up two or three pears to make them even easier to eat. Satisfy, hydrate, and energize yourself and your guests.

There are other red pears such as the red d’anjou and red bartlett. See a list of 10 pear varieties.

Three starkrimson (red) pears in carton on table.

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