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Fig season! Don’t miss the green ones!

Calimyrna Figs - Green FigsI hope you saved up for fig season. With some costing $7 per pound, they can take a bit out of your grocery budget. But like a Christmas in the summer, fig season only comes around annually and only lasts about two months, tops.

I like the green figs the best! At first, it seems odd that a green fig could be ripe. Just think that green grapes can be ripe, so a green fig could be ripe as well. It is in fact ripe when it’s soft and even oozing nature’s jelly/jam. It’s just fascinating that the jam-like insides of the fig can be soooo good and so healthy. That fig tree sure knows what it’s doing.

So wait until the green fig is soft and even splitting, then pounce. Wow. Candy. The green figs, called Calimyna figs, are surely the inspiration for the Fig Newton cookie. (Now they’re called Newtons, since they have variations with non-fig filling.)

Back to the fruit. The black figs and brown figs are also good. Try them all, and choose the one you like the best. But at least get two pounds each season so you can get the nutrients from this fruit that surely was designed just for man/woman, in that we have a sweet tooth, our brains run on sugar, and the fig tree knows it! Scroll down to see a good photo a fig tree.

Calimyra figs are sooo good. - Along with photo of the green figs.

Which came first, the fig newton or the fig?

Figs on a branch - brown figs and some green figs


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