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You can’t buy good fruit, if it’s not for sale

Ataulfo honey mangoes in a boxPeople can’t buy what they don’t see. Ataulfo “honey” yellow mangoes are in season now. Some stores have huge displays and even sell them as an 18-count box. Other stores don’t have any. If the idea of eating fruit seems boring and bland, maybe you’re not seeing what fruit is available as the seasons change. You’re only seeing the year-round staples, such as red delicious apples.

Ataulfo honey mangoes are sweet and delicious. Starting out green and tart, they ripen into a yellow color and become soft with about 1/8-inch give. As the season progresses they get sweeter, which is why some people don’t buy them earlier in the season.

Ask your grocer if they can order some. Or visit another chain in the area. It’s worth visiting another chain every two weeks to see what’s available. You can’t get excited about what you’re not seeing.

This yellow ataulfo mango is now called a honey mango. For American shoppers, this name is a lot easier to say than ataulfo.

There are cultures that celebrate the arrival of mango season. The mango trees are local for them. Because of international shipping, we all can celebrate mango season. Let’s start by getting our stores to sell the sweet yellow honey mangoes.

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