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Jersey blueberries!

Blueberries from New JerseyNew Jersey blueberries are delicious, with organic having a bit more flavor, but conventional are great in their own way as well. I was eating the Jersey blueberries and the word “blue” kept coming to mind. I tried some organic Washington State blueberries and they were mediocre, but that only applies to that farm.

One suggestion is to notice the farm or brand and the origin of the fruits you buy since suppliers change frequently at a supermarket, from one week to the next. Blueberries might initially come from California, then maybe South Carolina, then New Jersey, then Oregon, all over the course of two or three months. If you find a berry you really like, then maybe buy a lot, and maybe freeze some, since that berry might only be available for a few weeks.

We’re all so used to consistent presence and flavor of processed (unhealthy) food. When buying fruit, when something good shows up at a market, I buy lots. For example, I’m eating a lot of strawberries these days.

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